Producer Profit



Independent Grain Marketing for Canadian Farms

Market Analysis


Producer Profit wants to increase profitability on the farm. One of the ways to achieve higher profit is to know what is driving global and local markets. We look to keep you updated with daily text messages to assist with market strategies.

We are independent, our interest is your bottom line! In saying this, we understand that making more isn’t always the most important thing but it does help to put a value on some of those “favours” from local buyers. Sometimes, your best price is outside of your typical market region. Save time! Following markets can eat into your day, and often is not the priority. Producer Profit looks to keep you informed with important news so you are in the know.

Price Discovery


This is certainly a moving target as grain sales are based on far more than just a generic bid! We look at grades, protein levels, buyer discounts schedule, and freight backoffs to figure out which option is best fitted to the farm! Know your grade! We have all experienced variable grading, and with current standards much is left in the eye of the beholder. Grading a #2 instead of a feed can make a huge difference in price and profitability, thats why we like to shop samples around and use 3rd party grading. 

Market Strategies


There is no generic marketing plan that can work for every farm. All farms are different and every harvest presents unique challenges. We look to assist in marketing based on farm needs, while  presenting strategies that reduce risk while maintaining value. Farm structure often determines farm sales, that doesn’t mean that farm profitability should suffer. We look to build specific plans that help capitalize on market cycles, fit cashflow needs, while reducing risk and protecting farm sale averages. Utilizing paper trade strategies allows the farm to maintain cashflow, move grain when it is more convenient and maintain market upside. Clear communication and expert collaboration will boost your bottom line.