Producer Profit is Expanding! Let us show YOU our appreciation... 

We are now offering "Referral Rewards" to anyone 

who refers new farms to us!

For every new farm signed on with us we will pay YOU up to a maximum of $5000.00 per referral. 

Referral Rewards: $0.50/acre, up to $5000.00 spread over a 2 year period. In order to claim the referral rewards the following conditions must be met:

  • The Farm Referred must sign up for our yearly subscription services
  • The Farm Referred must have their first year's subscription paid in full 

Once the above conditions have been met the "Referral Rewards" 

will then be paid out. 

Farms can then choose to have the referral amount paid out to the farm directly, or, have the referral amount credited to their next year's subscription renewal fee if they are an existing Producer Profit client.

For more information on our "Referral Rewards" program please contact: