A Grain Marketing Service Focused On The Farm

Annual Per Acre Subscription Features:


  • Daily market updates via text and email to keep you informed with what is happening in markets that matter to you
  • Local price discovery to bring clarity and confidence to market decisions
  • 3-4 grain marketing meetings or as necessary to ensure clients are comfortable with marketing decisions and/or strategies

*Regular meetings will cover existing sales, market outlooks, local opportunities, farm production, futures trading discussion/strategies, percent sold, risk management, etc.

  • Contract execution with local buyers
  • Assistance/options with quality conflicts
  • Weekly Reports to help track opportunities, recommendations, and relevant prices
  • Futures trading strategies and assistance with positions
  • SGS sample results after harvest to bring clarity and peace of mind to marketing decisions (3rd party grading)
  • Farm Focus Data Program to help manage contracts, % sold levels, yield, sample results, cost of production, ROI, etc.
  • Sample Bags and pails for harvest
  • Facilitation of grain deals or offers built around your farm structure
  • Exclusive invites to Producer Profit client events
  • Have a question on markets? You aren't 9 to 5, so neither are we. Give us a call